Mobile Crisis Services is a program comprised of clinicians and certified peers who are committed to de-escalating and supporting individuals in crisis situations in order to avoid an emergency room visit, a psychiatric evaluation or hospital admission.

We accomplish this by responding with law enforcement officers who are dispatched to the scene of a crisis or a mental health crisis situation. Our team is able to assess the situation to determine if the individual is in immediate danger and needs further assessment at the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) or if we can support the individual through their immediate crisis and provide additional follow up services to meet their needs.

Our mobile team has professional training to address these mental health crisis situations in the community and often are the best resource for our local police departments who may not have crisis intervention training. Police involvement may create additional stress on the individual and our team is prepared to spend as much time as needed with the client to de-escalate the crisis and ensure their safety.

Mobile Crisis Services also provides additional follow up to clients after responding to the crisis call. This may involve a phone follow up, an in-person follow up, a referral to behavioral health services, or accessing other resources in the community for the client. We want to ensure that the individual has their immediate safety and health needs met and are able to avoid future crisis situations.

In addition to responding with local law enforcement, we respond to crisis calls from community organizations, school districts, and families who may observe an individual in crisis or have a concern for someone’s mental wellness. We triage these crisis calls and support the client in the manner best suited to the situation.

Mobile Crisis Services are covered by insurance; however, we do not require insurance to provide our services to individuals in crisis.

Members of MHAST's Mobile Crisis Services team stand in front of their silver vehicle

Mobile Crisis Contact Information

607-771-8888 Extension 335 (during business hours)
607-771-8888 Option #3 (after business hours)

Mobile Crisis Service Hours

7 Days a Week
10:00AM – 8:00PM