Peer Specialists

MHAST believes in recovery from mental illness and further believes consumer-focused programs and services are essential elements in the recovery process. Our staff includes certified Peer Specialists whose personal lived experiences lend to enhanced skill sets, understanding and empathy toward the consumers that access our services. We offer hospital diversion assistance through education, advocacy, groups, activities, and community based resource referrals.

The Crisis Respite House is a supportive crisis residence that provides a safe, welcoming environment for individuals in crisis. The program is voluntary, and is licensed through the New York State Office of Mental Health. The residence is a 24/7/365 facility staffed by certified peers who assist and support clients to improve their mental wellness during their stay.

Crisis Respite House Information
295 Clinton Street
Binghamton, NY 13905

607-771-8888 extension 350 (during business hours)
607-772-8888 Option #2 (after business hours)

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Mobile Crisis Services is a program comprised of clinicians and certified peers who are committed to de-escalating and supporting individuals in crisis situations in order to avoid an emergency room visit, a psychiatric evaluation or hospital admission.

Mobile Crisis Contact Information
607-771-8888 extension 335 (during business hours)
607-771-8888, Option #3 (after business hours)

Mobile Crisis Service Hours
Monday-Friday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

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The Sunrise Wellness Center is a peer-run program providing support services for individuals with a mental health challenge. SWC is a safe and welcoming space for all individuals and promotes health, wellness, and recovery.

Sunrise Wellness Center Information
47 Broad Avenue
Binghamton, NY 13904

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm

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The Warm Line is a 24/7 resource for individuals who may need someone to support them in a difficult time. Anyone is welcome to call the Warm Line, and a peer will be available to listen, to talk, or to offer some additional resources to the caller. In 2022, over 4,000 Warm Line calls were completed.

Warm Line Specialist
607-240-7291 (if you have an emergency, please call 911)

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