Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are not a counseling organization. MHAST uses a peer based model of service, meaning our employees have lived experience and build connections with our clients because of these shared experiences. Peer services have been shown to support recovery when combined with clinical services.

Yes, MHAST does accept insurance and will bill your insurance company for certain services we provide to you. You will never receive a bill for our services.

Yes, we provide services to everyone, regardless of insurance coverage.

MHAST groups are offered daily, and focus on themes such as wellness, mindfulness, and therapeutic arts. We incorporate topics such as grief, depression, procrastination, healthy living, nutrition, anger management, and more into the group sessions.

Groups are usually 1-2 hours long, and attendance can vary depending on the topic. We encourage clients to participate and share with others based on their comfort level.

Anyone experiencing mental health challenges can reach out to MHAST to determine if they are eligible to receive services. Each of our programs have different criteria; please visit our Programs and Services page or use our Contact Page to request additional information.

MHAST does not provide transportation. In some cases, there is arranged transportation for special program events.

Individuals admitted to our Crisis Respite House can stay for up to 28 days.

Clients may receive multiple services at MHAST, as long as they are eligible. We provide a continuum of care, so we encourage clients to utilize all services that would be beneficial to their recovery.