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Cultural Diversity


The Cultural Diversity Program aims at reducing mental health disparities and building cultural competence in the community by providing
education, support and advocacy to providers, educators and the general public. One component of the program designs and coordinates trainings, workshops and forums focused on increasing awareness of cultural competency and linguistics, improving open communication, increasing understanding and developing strategies to refine services to better reach constituents. These opportunities are
designed and implemented for nonprofits, hospitals, businesses and government agencies.
The Mental Health Interpreter Program is another component of the program, which consists of trained
mental health interpreters who are available per diem with a service agreement. An interpreter can bridge the gap between providers and clients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). They can assist with mental health
appointments, document translation and sharing information.


  • Support & Advocacy pertaining to
    multiculturalism and linguistics
  • Interpreter/Translation Services
  • Education through presentations,
    workshops and forums


The Cultural Diversity Program has trained mental health interpreters from diverse cultural backgrounds. The interpreters embrace a code of ethics that respects individuals and fosters their success. The program staff have access to an Electronic Resource Library which contains health and mental health information in different languages. Providers, consumers and family members can contact us at MHAST for the information.

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Cultural Diversity Program Cultural Diversity Program Cultural Diversity Program