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Children Programs

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Children & Family Programming provides prevention and intervention services to address the needs of families that have a child with social, emotional or behavioral issues. Programs provide support, education, and advocacy in a strengths-based, individualized care approach. All programming is family driven, community based, team supported, culturally competent and provides unconditional care.

Child Programs

The Children’s Medicaid Health Home understands caring for your child can be a complicated and exhausting experience. In response to the needs of families we serve, we have joined together with the Children’s Health Home of Upstate New York (CHHUNY) to provide Care Management Services that put your family first. Children from birth to age 21 must be enrolled in Medicaid and have two or more chronic health condition or one single qualifying condition to qualify for the program.

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The Compeer Youth Mentoring Program encourages youth who are at-risk of developing social, emotional, and behavioral issues to build self-confidence, self-reliance, and healthy relationships. This is achieved by involving them in one-to-one mentorships, innovative programs, and regular positive social contact.

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The Family Peer Services Program supports families whose children have special emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs by using a strengths based, individualized care approach.

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Rural BEAR brings equal access to residents by providing innovative care coordination to children and youth who are experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties in the home, school, and community settings. Barriers in accessing mental health services, including affordability and long wait lists, are magnified for families living in rural areas due to geographic isolation and lack of transportation.

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