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The Advocacy program encourages self-help and independence while helping individuals navigate community services and resources to meet their essential needs. This is achieved through education and peer support provided by our Peer Advocate.


Our Peer Advocate can assist with:

  "The Peer Advocates have helped me realize that my goals are attainable and have lifted much of the stress in my life." – Beth.

· Insurance

· Food Resources

· Clothing Resources

· Personal Hygiene Items

· Housing / Energy Needs

· Educational Programming

· Government Issued Phone

· Benefit Forms & Applications

· Employment Opportunities & Assistance

· Social Security Administration Paperwork

· Other needs may be met through referrals to other community agencies and/or services


*The Peer Advocacy services are provided on a short-term basis and are not meant to replace traditional case management services. If case management services are needed, the Peer Advocate may make a referral for case management services if appropriate.


Services Provided
Advocacy services are available Monday -Thursdays (8:30A.M. – 4:30 P.M.), Fridays (8:30A.M. – 4:30P.M.)
We are accepting phone and/or in person appointment (while meeting safety and social distancing requirements)
*We are not accepting Walk-In Appointments or unscheduled appointments at this time.


For More Information Contact:
Kristy Demott
Peer Advocate

Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier, Inc.
47 Broad Avenue
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