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Project Hope

Coping with Covid

NY Project Hope is a Crisis Counseling Program that provides support, resources, and education to assist individuals and communities working to cope with COVID-19. It is a strengths-based program offering support that promotes resilience, empowerment, and recovery.  Project Hope services include a statewide Emotional Support Helpline and a website that features information about managing stress, coping skills, and links to much-needed resources.  
NY Project Hope of Broome county was started in August of 2021. We are located inside of MHAST (mental health association of the Southern Tier) at 47 Broad Ave, Binghamton NY 13901.  We have a team of 8 crisis counselors, a team lead and a coordinator.  
All of our services are FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, and ANONYMOUS!  Speak with a crisis counselor today!  
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NY Project Hope